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Conservation status 2010: protocol 2.3, needs updating

Agathis kinabaluensis

de Laubenfels 1979

Common names

Kinabalu kauri (Silba 1986).

Taxonomic notes


"A tree to 36 m tall. Produces a white resin. Bark dark brown externally, internally reddish, granular, exfoliating in irregular plates, with numerous lenticels. Young trees with smooth bark. Juvenile leaves round, usually acuminate, to 9 cm long by 4.4 cm wide, on a short peduncle. Adult leaves round, acuminate or obtuse, on a short peduncle, 4-7 cm long by 1.8-3.2 cm wide, non-glaucous underneath. Male strobili cylindrical, 2-3 cm long by 9 mm in diameter, on a peduncle 4 mm long; scale apices small triangular; apex of microsporophylls distinctly angled. Young female cone smooth, upper edges of scales imbricate. Female cone to 11 cm long by 8 cm in diameter; scales triangular, apex angular and rounded. Seed with an acute projection 2 mm long on upper corner opposite the wing, borne on a scale without a lip" (Silba 1986).

Distribution and Ecology

"Malaysia: Sabah; Mt. Kinabaulu, Ranau, 1500-2400 m" (Silba 1986).

This species is listed as threatened by the WCMC, which notes that the extant population is almost entirely protected within a national park.

The IUCN reports that this species is facing a high risk of extinction in the wild due to a small population size in a restricted area that is vulnerable to chance events that could cause great harm.

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Laubenfels, D. J. de. 1979. The species of Agathis of Borneo. Blumea 25(2):531-542.

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