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Foliage and cones (Harkevich and Kachura 1981).


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Conservation status

Juniperus chinensis var. sargentii

A. Henry 1912

Common names

偃柏 yan bai (Fu et al. 1999); miyama-byakushin, shinpaku [Japanese] (Iwatsuki et al. 1995).

Taxonomic notes

Synonymy (Iwatsuki et al. 1995, Farjon 1998):


Dioecious evergreen shrub 0.5-2 m tall, usually procumbent, with dense crown, horizontal trunk and upright shoots. Leaves scale- or needle-like. Scale-like leaves predominant on adult plants, dark blue-green, rounded, diamond-shaped or oval, 3-6 mm long, with dark glands. Young needle-like leaves pointed, cylindrical, to 15 mm long. Seed cones fleshy, globose, 8-9 mm diameter, each with 2-3 triangular seeds. Pollination in July, seeds mature October-November of the next year (Harkevich and Kachura 1981, Iwatsuki et al. 1995, Fu et al. 1999).

Distribution and Ecology

Japan: S. Kuriles, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, in rocky places from near sea level to subalpine regions; China: Heilongjiang; rare in Russia: Sakhalin and South Kurile Islands; Korea; Taiwan (Harkevich and Kachura 1981, Iwatsuki et al. 1995, Fu et al. 1999).

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Henry, A. 1912 in Elwes, Trees Great Britain 6: 1432.

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