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Good line drawing available online via Fu et al. (1999).


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Conservation status

Juniperus saltuaria

Rehder et E.H. Wilson 1914

Common names

Taxonomic notes

Syn: Sabina saltuaria (Rehder et Wilson) Cheng et Wang 1961 (Farjon 1998).


See Fu et al. (1999).

Distribution and Ecology

China: Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan, NW Yunnan; Tibet (Farjon 1998). Hardy to Zone 8 (cold hardiness limit between -12.1°C and -6.7°C) (Bannister and Neuner 2001).

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See also

Adams, R.P., Zhang Shao-Zhen and Chu Ge-lin. 1993. The volatile leaf oil of Juniperus saltuaria Rehd. & Wils. from China. J. Ess. Oil Res. 5:676-677. Available: (accessed 2008.10.13).

Adams, R.P. 2000. Systematics of the one seeded Juniperus of the eastern hemisphere based on leaf essential oils and random amplified polymorphic DNAs (RAPDs). Biochem. Syst. Ecol. 28: 529-543. Available: (accessed 2008.10.13).

Farjon (2005) provides a detailed account, with illustrations.

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