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Gnetum paniculatum

Spruce ex Bentham 1856

Common names

Taxonomic notes

Syn: Gnetum microstachyum Bentham ex Tulasne 1858 (Stevenson and Zanoni 1991).


"Robust woody vine; twigs with numerous large lenticels, dark brown to almost black. Leaves coriaceous oblong-elliptic, up to 17 × 8 cm, deflexed and acuminate to acute at apex, obtuse and unequal at base, dark green and becoming dark brown to black when dry, upper surface with sunken primary vein, lower surface with tertiary and higher order veins very distinct as fine lines less than 1 mm wide (especially with lens). Microsporangiate axes much branched, paniculate, ultimate units verticillate with internodes congested and less than 2 mm long at anthesis. Ovule-bearing axes much branched, paniculate, ultimate units with internodes less than 10 mm long. Mature seed orange to red, broadly ellipsoid to ovoid, 50 mm long, 30 mm in diameter, outer layer thick (3mm) and fleshy" (Stevenson and Zanoni 1991).

Distribution and Ecology

"Northern Brazil in the region of the upper Rio Negro and adjacent Venezuela; lower elevations of river valleys near the coast of Guyana and French Guiana" (Stevenson and Zanoni 1991).

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