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Conservation status

Abies mariesii

Masters 1879

Common names

Maries fir (Silba 1986).

Taxonomic notes

Syn.: Pinus mariesii (Mast.) Voss 1907; Abies mariesii Mast. f. hayachinensis Hayata1955 (Farjon 1998).


"A tree 24-26 m. tall, to 2 m. in girth, with a straight trunk and with an oval or flat-topped crown. Bark pale gray or glaucous, smooth, bloomed purple, nearly white on old trees. Branchlets prominently pubescent when young, dark brown to reddish-gray. Buds spherical, slightly resinous, free from the leaves, red-brown to gray-brown. Leaves overlapping, pointed forwards above, crowded on the upper sides of the branchlets, pectinate below and overlapping, grooved above, bright green above, glaucous-yellow to whitish below, 0.8-2 cm. long by 2-2.5 mm. wide; stomata absent above, in 7 lines below; apex rounded or bifid. Male strobili short, reddish to yellowish-carmine and slightly darkened. Female cone ellipsoidal, rounded at both ends, apex somewhat flattened, dark blue then blackish-red-brown, 7-15 cm. long by 4-5 cm. wide; bracts hidden, about 2/3 height of the scales. Seed with a yellowish-red nut, wing purplish-brown" (Silba 1986).

Distribution and Ecology

C Japan: Honshu: Mt. Hakkoda, (100)750-2900m (Silba 1986, Vidakovic 1991). Hardy to Zone 6 (cold hardiness limit between -23.2°C and -17.8°C) (Bannister and Neuner 2001).

Big tree







Masters. 1879. Gardener's Chronicle ser. 2, 12:788.

See also

Farjon ( 1990, 2010).

Iwatsuki et al. (1995).

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