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Conservation status

Pinus elliottii var. elliottii

Common names

Slash pine (Kral 1993).

Taxonomic notes


"Seedlings essentially without grass stage, height growth uniform after seed germination, buds scattered upstem. Leaves mostly in 3s, sometimes in 2s on same shoot, resin canals per leaf 3-5, hypodermis 2-3 cell-layers thick. Seed-cone base ± truncate when open. 2n=24." (Kral 1993).

Distribution and Ecology

USA: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia & South Carolina at 0-150 m in lowland to upland forests, old fields, and fine white sands, mostly in long-hydroperiod soils (Kral 1993).

Big tree

Diameter 105 cm, height 42 m, crown spread 17 m, located in Jacksonville, Florida (American Forests 1996).




It is the fastest growing of the southern yellow pines, much planted in the United States outside its native range. It is very susceptible to ice damage and fusiform gall inland. This is a naval stores pine, but it is considered increasingly important in plantations as a lumber and pulpwood pine. It is much planted in subtropical and warm temperate climates worldwide, particularly in Brazil (Kral 1993).




American Forests 1996. The 1996-1997 National Register of Big Trees. Washington, DC: American Forests. This is a dated citation; the big tree register is now available online.

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