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Pilger 1903

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Taxonomic notes

A genus of two species:

The genus Acmopyle is remarkable for its fleshy seeds that later become erect and for the initial position of the inclined ovule (see Mill et al. 2001). Non-fruiting specimens can be identified by the dense, flattened bilateral leaves and the leaf base which becomes narrower. Shaded leaves have particular prominent bands of stomatas on the two ribs of the midrib. Superficially, the leaves of Acmopyle resemble or have been confused with the leaves of Prumnopitys ferruginoides. Nevertheless, Acmopyle is in between Falcatifolium and Dacrycarpus with maybe the fleshy seed as a difference and also the rib of the leaves as the only other major difference. The genus is confined to two species, Acmoplye pancheri endemic to New Caledonia, the other Acmopyle sahniana endemic to Fiji (de Laubenfels 1972).


Evergreen, small to tall well-branched trees. Juvenile leaves not very abundant, flattened bifacial, linear, changing soon to adult leaves. Adult leaves linear, flattened bilateral, distichous, with many stomata on the lower leaf surface, leaf margins sometimes curved, leaves becoming non-distichous on exposed branches. The secondary branches and fertile shoots are covered with tight, flattened bifacial scales. Pollen cone stretched out, terminal or sometimes lateral. Microsporophylls triangular. Seed cone on a short scaly peduncle which is terminal or lateral or both, becoming large and verrucose, receptacle shaped with several bracts whose apex is free. Receptacle is shorter than the seed, enclosing it only at the base where it is adnate to the seed scale. Fertile, subterminal bract with an inclined ovule partially covered with an epimatium. Ripe seeds becoming almost erect, the upper surface fleshy and smooth, with the epimatium stretching out some near the half the length on the rib of the fruit (de Laubenfels 1972, Vidakovic 1991; see also Mill et al., 2001).

Distribution and Ecology

New Caledonia and Fiji (Vidakovic 1991).

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Mill, R.R., M. Möller, S.M. Glidewell, D. Masson, F. Christie, and B. Williamson. 2001. Morphology, anatomy and ontogeny of female cones in Acmopyle pancheri (Brongn. & Grise.) Pilg. (Podocarpaceae). Annals of 88: 55-67.

Thanks to Ferenc Kiss for translating de Laubenfels from the French (2003.04).

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