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Podocarpus bracteatus

Blume 1827

Common names

Kayu unung unung (Sumatra), Toba Batak; bima, kimarak, kipantjar, ki putri (Java) (de Laubenfels 1988).

Taxonomic notes

Synonymy (Farjon 1998):


"Tree 10-40 m tall, 15-100 cm diam. Foliage buds 5-12 mm long. Juvenile leaves up to 23 by 2 cm. Adult leaves distinctly lanceolate, 6-14 cm by 9-14 mm, narrowly acute, narrowing at the base to a 2-4 mm petiole, sometimes with 5 vascular resin canals, midrib above a sharp ridge 0.4 mm wide and 0.3 mm high, sometimes collapsing when dried into a trough. Pollen cones 3.5-6 cm by 3-4 mm, sessile but elongating when mature through the scaly base as well as the zone of microsporophylls and the scales then following, the elongated scaly base up to 8 mm long, solitary or occasionally in pairs; apex of microsporophyll c. 1 mm long. Seed-bearing structure on a 10-20 mm peduncle; foliola 4-5 mm long; receptacle 10-14 mm long, often with two fertile bracts and additional bracts between them. Seed with its covering including a small crest, 11-14 by 7 mm." Sterile specimens may resemble Podocarpus neriifolius, "but P. bracteatus has a narrower midrib, longer budscales, and a more distinctly lanceolate shape" (de Laubenfels 1988).


Indonesia: N. and Central Sumatra (rare), throughout Java and the Lesser Sunda Islands (Flores: Mt Rariaka). Grows in the canopy of moist mountain rain-forest at (400-)1000-2600 m elevation. It is "the most common Podocarpus of the mountain forests of Java. Podocarpus neriifolius also occurs there, but rarely above 1600 m, while P. bracteatus is common to over 2000 m" (de Laubenfels 1988).

Big tree




An excellent timber tree (de Laubenfels 1988).




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