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Distribution based on georeferenced herbarium data (Ceccantini 2007).


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Conservation status 2010: protocol 2.3, needs updating

Podocarpus brasiliensis

de Laubenfels 1982

Common names

Taxonomic notes


"Small tree, 3-15 m tall. Leaves linear, 5-8 cm long, 0.9-l.2 cm wide, gradually contracted at base, subacute to acute at apex, with a median groove in upper surface and a median ridge on lower surface. Bud scales ovate, acute. Microsporangiate strobilus axillary, sessile, solitary, cylindrical, to 4 cm long. Ovulate strobilus with peduncle 10-12 mm long; receptacle 8 mm long with two fused bracts. Seed ovoid, 8 mm long, 5 mm in diameter, acuminate at apex, barely cristate" (Stevenson 1991).

Distribution and Ecology

Brazil: Mato Grosso, Rondonia, Roraima; Venezuela. "Northern Brazil to southern Venezuela at median elevations of 800-1700 m. Not yet known from the Guianas but to be expected in the area of Guyana contiguous with Brazil and Venezuela" (Stevenson 1991).

Ciccantini (e-mail, 2009.04.01) reports that a highly endangered population occurs at the Reserva de Guará, in Distrito Federal, Guará County, in a very small territory of few hectares of wetland in the middle of the massive Cerrado (savanna).

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Ceccantini, Gregório, Universidade da São Paulo, Instituto de Biociencias, São Paulo, Brasil. E-mail, 2007.08.02.

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