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Conservation status 2010: protocol 3.1

Podocarpus costaricensis

de Laubenfels ex Silba 1990 (p. 67)

Common names

Taxonomic notes


Distribution and Ecology

Costa Rica: San Marcos de Irazu; Panama: Darien (Farjon 1998). Based on data from 10 collection localities, it grows at elevations of 1270 ±410 m. Within its range, mean annual temperature is 19.7°C, with an average minimum in the coldest month of 14.0°C, and a mean annual precipitation of 2620 mm (Biffin et al. 2011, Table S5).

The IUCN reports that species is in decline, facing a high risk of extinction in the wild due to a limited and severely fragmented distribution that is experiencing ongoing habitat loss.

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