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Range of Podocarpus macrocarpus (de Laubenfels 1988). Adapted from a map by


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Conservation status 2010: protocol 2.3, needs updating

Podocarpus macrocarpus

de Laubenfels 1978 (p. 140)

Common names

Taxonomic notes


"Tree 10-20 m tall, up to 30 cm diam. Foliage buds 2-4 mm long and the same in diameter; the longer buds with distinctly spreading upper parts of the primary scales; the secondary bud when it first appears may still be a globular ball with the shorter examples of primary budscales. Juvenile leaves linear-lanceolate, 8-15 by 1-1.4 cm, acute. Adult leaves linear to linear-lanceolate, 6-10 cm by 8-13 mm, acute but often slightly rounded at the apex, narrowed at the base more or less to a 2-4 mm petiole, thick with nearly continuous upper hypoderm and more or less shiny on the upper surface; midrib above a blunt ridge 0.5-0.6 mm wide and 0.2-0.3 mm high. Buds for pollen cones sessile. Pollen cones 2.5 cm long, grouped in clusters of up to at least four. Seed-bearing structure on a 3-12 mm peduncle; receptacle 10-12 mm long. Seed with its covering 15-17 by 10-13 mm" (de Laubenfels 1988).

Distribution and Ecology

Philippines: N Luzon. "Scattered and sometimes common in cloud forests, c. 2000-2100 m" (de Laubenfels 1988).

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