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Range of Podocarpus micropedunculatus (de Laubenfels 1988). Adapted from a map by


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Conservation status 2010: protocol 3.1

Podocarpus micropedunculatus

de Laubenfels 1985

Common names

Kayu china [Sarawak]; kayu tjina [Sabah] (de Laubenfels 1988).

Taxonomic notes


"Shrub or small tree, 1-7(-13) m tall, 5-20 cm diam., with rhizomes which spread under the forest litter. Foliage buds 6-15 mm long by 1.5-3 mm diam. Juvenile leaves 14-18 by 1.5-2.1 cm. Adult leaves 8-17 by 1-1.5 cm; petiole 3-5 mm; midrib above 0.5-0.8 mm wide and 0.4 mm high, drying to a channel below. Pollen cones 3.5-7.5 cm, sessile or with a short peduncle. Primary pollen cone budscales 4-5 mm long. Seed-bearing structure on a 1 mm peduncle; foliola 3-4 mm; receptacle 8-10 mm long. Seed with its covering 8-10 by 6 mm with a small crest" (de Laubenfels 1988).

Distribution and Ecology

Borneo. Sarawak: Marudi Forest Reserve; Brunei; Sabah: Papar, Tawao. Found from 0-500 m elevation scattered in Agathis forest understory or in thickets at the edges of clearings, mostly on sandy, podzolic soils, kerangas, sandstone, humic peaty podzols of raised beaches, and peat swamp forests. Sometimes associated with Dryobalanops rappa or Shorea albida (de Laubenfels 1988).

Big tree






"Propagation by rhizomes is a remarkable character otherwise unknown among erect conifers and obviously facilitates rapid appropriation of disturbed situations" (de Laubenfels 1988).


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