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Line drawing (Li 1975).


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Podocarpus rumphii

Blume 1847 (p. 214)

Common names

Taxonomic notes

Syn: Nageia rumphii (Blume) Kuntze; P. koordersii Pilger ex Koord. et Valeton; P. philippinensis Foxworthy 1911 (de Laubenfels 1985).


"A large or medium-sized tree, to 20-30 m high, the bark smooth, reddish brown; branchlets terete, grayish. Leaves linear-lanceolate, 13-17 cm long, 9-10 cm broad, the apex acute, the base abruptly narrowed, sessile. Seeds globose, fleshy, 6-8 (-15) mm in diameter, glaucous; receptacle fleshy, bright red when fresh, 8-10 mm long; peduncles 2-3 cm long, with 2 minute bracts at the base of receptacle" (Li 1975).

Distribution and Ecology

Philippines; Taiwan: "on Hengchun Peninsula, scattered in broad-leaved forests" (Li 1975). Based on data from 42 collection localities, it grows at elevations of 1000 ±1040 m. Within its range, mean annual temperature is 22°C, with an average minimum in the coldest month of 16°C, and a mean annual precipitation of 2790 mm (Biffin et al. 2011, Table S5).

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Blume, C.L. 1847. Rumphia, sive commentationes botanicae imprimis de plantis Indiae orientalis, volume 3 Bruxellis & Lugduni Batavorum.

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