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Podocarpus spathoides

de Laubenfels 1985

Common names

Taxonomic notes


"Tree, 3-20 m tall, to 30 cm diam. Foliage buds 2-6 mm long, the primary scales spreading. Juvenile leaves up to 23 mm wide. Adult leaves linear, 5-13 by 0.8-2 cm, apex acute or rounded, narrowing abruptly at the base to a 3-5 mm petiole, midrib above broad and obtuse. Pollen cones in threes on a short peduncle.

"In Malaya and Rossel I. the foliage buds are no more than 3 mm long, the others are twice as long. In Malaya the trees grow in a summit scrub and are only 3-4 m high, elsewhere collectors report 12-20 m high trees. Perhaps intermediates exist or alternatively more than one similar taxon may be involved here" (de Laubenfels 1988).

Distribution and Ecology

Solomon Islands; E New Guinea (Louisiades: Rossel I.); N. Moluccas (Morotai: G. Pare); Malaya (G. Ledang=Mt Ophir; type). All are isolated occurrences. "Scattered and locally common at 1000-1200 m in the western two stands and near sea-level in the east" (de Laubenfels 1988).

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