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"Podocarpus steyermarkii Buchholz et N. Gray. A. shoot with leaves and ovulate strobili (from Macquire and Politi 28248 NY, Venezuela); B. Ovulate strobilus with peduncle and receptacle (source same as A); C. shoot with leaves and microsporangiate strobili (from Macquire and Politi 28464 NY, Venezuela); D. pollen sacs after dehiscence and pollen shed (source same as C); E. shoot tip with bud scales and leaves (from Steyermark 60876 NY-isotype, Venezuela)" (Stevenson 1991).


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Podocarpus steyermarkii

J. Buchholz et N.E. Gray 1948

Common names

Taxonomic notes

"Type: Venezuela, Estado Bolivar, Carrao-Tepui, J.A Steyermark 60876 (holotype, F)" (Stevenson 1991).


"Tree to 25 m. Leaves linear-lanceolate, spreading and recurved from twigs, 4-8 cm long and 0.6-1.1 cm wide, sessile to subsessile, acute at apex, with a median groove in upper surface and a median ridge on lower surface, gradually narrowed to base, margin revolute. Bud scales long attentuate. Microsporangiate strobilus axillary, sessile, solitary, long-cylindrical, to 5 cm long. Ovulate strobilus with stout peduncle 7-12 mm long, receptacle 6-8 mm long, with two fused bracts with divergent apices. Seed ovoid, 8 mm long, 5 mm in diameter, obtuse at apex and cristate at base" (Stevenson 1991).

Distribution and Ecology

"Endemic to the mountains bordering Venezuela and Guyana at 1800-2600 m. Not yet known from the Guianas but definitely to be found, as specimens from tepuis in Venezuela near the border with Guyana are known" (Stevenson 1991).

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The epithet honors Julian A. Steyermark (1909-1988), an extremely busy botanist who collected over 130,600 plants in twenty-six countries and described 2,392 different plant taxa, including Juniperus standleyi. He collected the type specimen of this species, as well as of Podocarpus buchholzii, P. magnifolius, and P. tepuiensis.


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