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Podocarpus teysmannii

Miquel 1859

Common names

Kalek rotan (on the west coast of Sumatra) (de Laubenfels 1988).

Taxonomic notes

Syn: Nageia teysmannii (Miq.) Kuntze 1891; P. neriifolius D.Don var. teysmannii (Miq.) Wasscher 1941 (Farjon 1998).


"Tree, 4-12 m tall, up to 30 cm diam. Juvenile leaves to 16 by 2.7 cm. Adult leaves linear, 9-13 by 1.4-2.1 cm, acuminate, narrowing more or less abruptly at the base to 4-7 mm petiole, midrib above 0.6-0.8 mm wide. Pollen cones 2.5 cm, solitary or occasionally paired, sessile. Seed-bearing structure on a 6-11 mm peduncle; foliola 1 mm and early deciduous" (de Laubenfels 1988).

Distribution and Ecology

Malaysia & Indonesia: Malaya and the Westcoast Reserve of Sumatra, including Riouw-Lingga and Banka Is. It grows as an understory tree in primary or secondary rainforest at elevations up to 1140 m; in Banka it grows on granite sands (de Laubenfels 1988).

Big tree







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