McInnes-King, David. 2002. Tree Dinosaurs. Larnook, Australia: privately published. 183pp.

This is a rather unusual botanical text. The author knows little of botany and shows this in a riotously inaccurate series of introductory chapters on "Gondwana", "Conifer Evolution" and "Ancient Araucarias." After that, though, he settles down to describing his journeys around the globe in an effort to see each species in the genera Araucaria and Wollemia in its native habitat. In the process he provides much engaging cultural history on these trees, provides useful information on their distribution and ecology, and for most species gives fairly good information on where to see it in the wild. The New Guinea and New Caledonia chapters are potentially quite useful in this regard. All in all, it's an entertaining and memorable read.

You are very unlikely to find this book in a bookstore or a library. You can order it online at (as of late 2005) or you might pick it up elsewhere on the Internet.