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Conservation status

Cephalotaxus koreana

Nakai 1930

Common names

Korean plum yew (Tripp 1995).

Taxonomic notes

The molecular analysis of Hao et al. (2008) showed that the clade C. harringtonia - C. koreana - C. wilsoniana is monophyletic, and that the latter two species could be treated as varieties of C. harringtonia.


An upright, slow-growing shrub to 3 m tall, densely branched with black-green needles ca. 5 cm long and 4 mm wide (Tripp 1995).

Distribution and Ecology

Japan: Honshu, Hokkaido; North and South Korea; NE China; at low to middle elevations; USDA Zone 6, perhaps Zone 5 (Tripp 1995, Farjon 1998).

Big tree






Endangered by extensive clearcutting in Korea (Yinger 1989).


Yinger, Barry. 1989. Notes on Cephalotaxus, the plum yew. Bull. American Conifer Society 6(3):57-59.

Nakai 1930, Bot. Mag. Tokyo 44:508.

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