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Conservation status

Torreya jackii

Common Names

长叶榧树 chang ye fei shu [Chinese].

Taxonomic notes

Lectotypified by Lin Qi and Cao Ziyu (2007).


See Fu et al. (1999) for detailed description and a good line drawing. This species is peculiar in bearing a close resemblance, not to other species of Torreya, but to Cephalotaxus fortunei; however this species has sessile fruits and a strongly twisted leaf arrangement.

Distribution and Ecology

China: N Fujian, NE Jiangxi, and S Zhejiang at elevations of 400-1000 m, in forest (Fu et al. 1999). Hardy to Zone 8 (cold hardiness limit between -12.1°C and -6.7°C) (Bannister and Neuner 2001).

Big tree




Both wood and leaves are very fragrant. The wood is used to make agricultural implements, utensils, and handicrafts (Fu et al. 1999).




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