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George Engelmann in 1880 [Missouri Botanical Garden via Wikipedia].


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George Engelmann (1809-1884)

George Engelmann described many species and varieties of conifers in the American west. Born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, he earned a medical degree (with a focus on medicinal botany), in the process becoming acquainted with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Louis Agassiz. In 1832 he emigrated to the United States, eventually establishing a medical practice in St. Louis, which flourished and eventually gave him financial independence. In his later years he was devoted to botany, mostly from the comfort of his St. Louis home, but he also made some field excursions. He became acquainted with leading botanists of the day such as Thomas Nuttall, Asa Gray, and C.S. Sargent, and published widely. A fairly detailed biography is available at Wikipedia.

Gymnosperms named by or for George Engelmann include:

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