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The route of our travels in Mexico.


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Conifer-Hunting in Mexico


This is the account of a trip through central Mexico that I took in February, 2005 with my wife Bonnie and my buddy Big Tree Bob. We went in search of pines and baldcypresses; in our immersion in the people and culture of Mexico, we found much more.

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Day 1 Flight, and journey to Amecameca.
Day 2 Across Popo-Izta National Park to Puebla.
Day 3 Puebla to Oaxaca, and Santa Maria del Tule.
Day 4 Monte Alban, former capital of the Zapotec empire.
Day 5 Highway 175 across the Divide and into the Rainforest.
Day 6 Back to Oaxaca on Highway 175.
Day 7 Driving from Oaxaca to Cuautla, Morelos.
Day 8 The Olmec site of Chalcatzingo, and the Christian site of Chalma.
Day 9 To the summit of the Nevado de Toluca.
Day 10 West across Michoacan, past Uruapan, to Ciudad Guzman.
Day 11 Exploring the Nevado de Colima.
Day 12 We finally get to hang out on a beach.
Day 13 We continue to play at the beach.
Day 14 Driving, driving, driving, to reach San Miguel Allende.
Day 15 Back to Mexico City, with some very large trees along the way.
Day 16 The Great Temple and other sights around Mexico City.
Day 17 National Anthropological Museum, Mexico City.
Day 18 Teotihuacan and the Virgin of Guadalupe.
Day 19  Return to Seattle.
Extras Supplementary info - pine taxonomy, citations, tree measurements.

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