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Ceratozamia mixeorum

Chemnick, Gregory et Salas 1997

Common Names

Taxonomic notes


"The species differs from others in the genus by the presence of both remarkably long peduncles bearing the megastrobili and microstrobili, and large, arching leaves with numerous, wide leaflets. Its affinity is unresolved at present, but it is likely to be close to C. matudae" (Chemnick et al. 1997).

Distribution and Ecology

Mexico: Oaxaca, where known only from cloud forest on montane peaks of the Sierra Mixes, at 1440 m to 1895 m (Chemnick et al. 1997).

Big tree







Chemnick, Jeffrey, Timothy J. Gregory and Morales S. Salas. 1997. Ceratozamia mixeorum (Zamiaceae), a new species from Oaxaca, Mexico with comments on distribution, habitat, and species relationships. Phytologia 83: 47-52.

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