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Ceratozamia morettii

Vazquez-Torres et Vovides 1998

Common Names

Taxonomic notes


"The new species differs from others in the genus by the near prostrate habit, circinate vernation of the leaves, and wide leaflets with translucent vernation. This taxon is apparently related to a group of species that are relatively small trunked, branched, produce few leaves, and have relatively small strobili. The non-sympatric species of the group also inhabit moist to very moist habitats, as in the case of C. miqueliana, C. microstrobila, and C. mexicana var. robusta" (Vazquez-Torres and Vovides 1998).

Distribution and Ecology

Mexico: Veracruz: cloud forest (Vazquez-Torres and Vovides 1998).

Big tree







Vazquez-Torres, Mario and Andrew P. Vovides. 1998. A new species of Ceratozamia (Zamiaceae) from Veracruz, Mexico. Novon 8: 87-90.

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