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Ceratozamia zoquorum

Pérez-Farrera, Vovides et Iglesias 2001

Common Names

Taxonomic notes

Likely related to C. miqueliana (Pérez-Farrera et al. 2001).


Distribution and Ecology

Mexico: Chiapas: evergreen tropical rainforest, at elevations of 520-1200 m (Pérez-Farrera et al. 2001).

"We consider this species to be critically endangered according to the IUCN Red List (1994) unless further exploration uncovers new populations. It is suspected that this cycad and many other species will become extinct if habitat destruction continues in this area" (Pérez-Farrera et al. 2001).

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Pérez-Farrera, M.A., A.P. Vovides, and C.G. Iglesias. 2001. A new species of Ceratozamia (Zamiaceae) from Chiapas, Mexico. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 137:77-80.

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