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A plant about 1.5 m tall at Quail Botanical Garden, CA [C.J. Earle, 2004.04.06].


Foliage on the plant shown above [C.J. Earle, 2004.04.06].


Distribution of Dioon species (redrawn from Jones 1993).


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Dioon mejiae

Standley et L.O. Williams 1950

Common Names

Taxonomic notes


"This species, which resembles D. spinulosum in overall habit, differs from it in having smooth-edged leaflets ... though the petiole is spinous. It is also unique in the greenish-gray color and abruptly acuminate shape of the female cone, and in having ovules with a chalazal appendix (i.e., an outgrowth opposite the micropyle)" (Norstog and Nichols 1997).

Distribution and Ecology

Honduras: Department of Olancho: in a dry, rocky canyon, where first discovered; also in Nicaragua (Norstog and Nichols 1997).

Big tree





Named for "Dr. Isidoro Meijia, from whose garden the plant was first collected and described" (Norstog and Nichols 1997).

See also

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Whitelock (2002).

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