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Encephalartos imbricans

Vorster et Heibloem 1995

Common names

Taxonomic notes


"Encephalartos imbricans... is a large arborescent plant, with leaflets mostly strongly incubously overlapping. The strobili are green and glabrous; the megastrobilus is ovoid, shortly pedunculate, with the surfaces of the bullae wrinkled; the microstrobili emerge in succession, being narrowly ovoid, long-pedunculate, with the surfaces of the bullae smooth" (Vorster and Heibloem 1995).

Distribution and Ecology

Uganda (Vorster and Heibloem 1995).

Big tree






Vorster, P. and P. Heibloem. 1995. Encephalartos imbricans (Zamiaceae): A new species from Uganda. Novon 5: 388-394.

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