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Encephalartos successibus

Vorster et Heibloem 1995

Common names

Taxonomic notes


"Encephalartos successibus ... is a large arborescent plant, with mostly non-overlapping leaflets. The strobili are green and glabrous; the megastrobilus is ovoid, shortly pedunculate but with peduncle buried in cataphylls so that the megastrobilus appears to be sessile, with the exposed faces of the megasporophylls more or less smooth; the microstrobili emerge in succession, being narrowly ovoid, long-pedunculate, with the exposed faces of the microsporophylls smooth" (Vorster and Heibloem 1995).

Distribution and Ecology

Uganda (Vorster and Heibloem 1995).

Big tree






Vorster, P. and P. Heibloem. 1995. Encephalartos successibus (Zamiaceae): A new species from Uganda. South African Journal of Botany 61: 347-351.

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