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Range map, redrawn from Farjon and Styles (1997).


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Conservation status

Pinus tecunumanii

Eguiluz et Perry 1983

Common names

Pinabete, pino ocote [Spanish].

Taxonomic notes

Syn: P. patula subsp. tecunumanii (Eguiluz et Perry) Styles 1984; Pinus oocarpa var. ochoterenae Martínez 1940 (Farjon and Styles 1997).


Distribution and Ecology

Mexico: Chiapas; Guatemala; Belize; Honduras; El Salvador; Nicaragua (Farjon and Styles 1997). Perry (1991) also reports it in Mexico: Oaxaca & SE Guerrero (Farjon and Styles 1997).

Big tree





In El Salvador, it on Cerro el Pital at 1500-2500 m elevation, in mixed stands with Pinus pseudostrobus var. apulcensis (Fernando Tobar email 2008.11.12).

Also in El Salvador, on the highest peaks of Cerro Montecristo, you can find Pinus pseudostrobus var. pseudostrobus with Pinus tecunumanii. Also, on the highest part of the mountain in Quercus-dominated cloud forests, is the only place in El Salvador where Podocarpus oleifolius grows in the wild (Fernando Tobar email 2008.11.12).


The specific epithet honors Tecún Umán, a Mayan chief who defended his homeland against the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th Century (Dvorak et al. 2000).


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