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Approximate distribution of var. gracilior (highlands around Yaque).


Approximate distribution of vars. ekmanii and urbaniana (highlands around Pic la Selle).


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Conservation status

Juniperus gracilior

Pilger in Urban 1913

Common names

Taxonomic notes

Leaf terpenoid data indicate that, as with the other Caribbean junipers (J. barbadensis, J. bermudiana, and J. saxicola), this species is closely related to J. virginiana, an extremely widely distributed species of the eastern U.S. The species complex may be derived from an Appalachian ancestor (Adams 1995). There are three described varieties:

J. gracilior var. gracilior.

J. gracilior var. ekmanii (Florin) R.P. Adams 1995. Syn: J. ekmanii Florin 1934 (Farjon 1998).

J. gracilior var. urbaniana (Pilg. et Ekman) R.P. Adams 1995. Syn.: J. urbaniana Pilg. et Ekman 1926, J. barbadensis var. urbaniana (Pilg. et Ekman) Silba 1984, J. barbadensis subsp. urbaniana (Pilg. et Ekman) Borhidi 1992 (Farjon 1998).


J. gracilior var. gracilior: Shrub (Farjon 1998).

J. gracilior var. ekmanii: Shrub (Farjon 1998).

Distribution and Ecology

Native to Hispaniola: Haiti and Dominican Republic: highlands, as follows:

J. gracilior var. gracilior: Hispaniola: Dominican Republic: near Costanza and the village of Yaque (18°56' N, 70°56' W) (Farjon 1998).

J. gracilior var. ekmanii: Hispaniola: Haiti: Pic la Selle and Morne la Visite (Farjon 1998). Var. ekmanii is classified "Critically Endangered".

J. gracilior var. urbaniana: Hispaniola: Haiti: Pic la Selle (18°22' N, 71°59'W) (Farjon 1998).

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Adams, Robert P. 1995. Revisionary study of Caribbean species of Juniperus (Cupressaceae). Phytologia 78: 134-150.

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